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Innovative Solutions for the Aerospace Industry

The Quick-CrateŽ system is currently being used by many aerospace contractors worldwide.  Whether you’re shipping refurbished parts into the field, sending subassemblies to an assembly plant or storing unique items, Quick-CrateŽ offers a custom solution. Versatile,computer-generated designs fulfill exact specifications and can be tailored to fit the needs of military, commercial and general aviation.

Cradle dunnage for steel pipeDesigned around a spring steel clip system, our crates can be assembled by one person in less than three minutes with no screws, nails or metal banding making the assembly process safe and easy.

When not in use our crates collapse to an overall height of  9 inches saving space and reducing return shipping costs. The Quick-CrateŽ system is designed to maximize warehouse space while the easy to use system results in labor savings.

Perhaps the biggest advantage to the aerospace industry is Quick-Crates ability to protect your valuable products. Quick-Crates are certified by the US Army to transport 4,000 lbs of live ammunition and stack 3 high when loaded. That translates to a stacking capacity of 12,000 lbs.  Our crates are engineered to outperform traditional cleated crates in every capacity while remaining very price competitive.  Quick-Crates - 118 in (L) X 46 in (W) X 72 in (H) and 166 in (L) X 46 in (W) X 36 in (H)

Custom built to your specifications, Quick-CrateŽ offers a wide range of add-ons including custom cradles, shelving, ramp doors, removable casters, lift handles, painting, stenciling, barcoding and more.


The Quick-CrateŽ Advantages Include:

  • Optimum protection of goods
  • Ability to ship irregular goods
  • ISPM-15 export compliant
  • Individual replacement panels and clips can be ordered if lost or damaged
  • Wooden crates are easy to maintain and environmentally friendly


Please see our Dunnage & Options Gallery for examples of many of our engineered crating solutions.

Please contact us today about ordering our Aerospace Quick-CrateŽ systems or any other Quick-CrateŽ systems for your office or business.