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The Quick-CrateŽ Advantages

Ease of Assembly

Unlike traditional wooden crates, Quick-CrateŽ can be set-up or knocked down by an individual in less than three minutes, without the use of screws, nails, or metal banding. The system is built around a spring steel clip - no hammers, drills or screw guns required. Crates arrive ready to assemble. When not in use, crates are disassembled using a small, lightweight clip removal tool, which can easily fit into a shirt pocket. See our assembly video & assembly sheet for more detailed information.   



Cradle dunnage for steel pipeQuick-Crate's durable containers are designed to meet your needs. You provide us with the specifications and Quick-CrateŽ will provide a custom packaging solution. See our Dunnage & Options Gallery for some examples of customization available.

  • color codes
  • lift handles
  • dividers
  • painting
  • dunnage
  • ramp panels
  • custom cradles
  • permanately fixed casters
  • barcoding
  • stenciling


    Strength & Durability

    Empty Quick-Crate with 9000 lb load on topQuick-CrateŽ is designed to achieve phenomenal strength and can withstand up to 12,000 psf of stacking pressure. Certified by the Army's Defense Ammunition Center, Quick-CrateŽ complies with the Mil-Std-1660 criteria for a 4,000 pound ammunition load. Quick-Crates have been lab and field tested to withstand the harshest of handling conditions.


    Use, Storage and Return

    5 to 1 collapsed Quick-Crates vs. traditional cleated crateQuick-CrateŽ collapses to about 9 inches. In collapsed form customers can get 400-500 percent more boxes in their warehouse space as compared to empty one-way boxes. Unlike traditional wood crates or metal racks, which do not collapse, the Quick-CrateŽ system is collapsible at a ratio of about 5 to 1 allowing for return shipments to cost very little. It's easily stackable as well.  See our graphic showing 60 Quick-Crates in set-up form vs. collapsed form loaded in a 53' trailer.


    Replacement Panels

    Several customers have reported 50 or more shipping cycles with no damage, but we know material handling can take its toll on shipping containers. If a crate gets damaged, you can simply order the required replacement panel without the expense of replacing the entire box. At Quick-CrateŽ, all panel programs are stored in our CAD system, which allows for quick and easy replacement orders.


    Fully ISPM-15 Export Certified

    Quick-CrateŽ is designed to be an environmentally friendly product. Made from 100 percent managed forests, Quick-CrateŽ panels and pallet bases are constructed from 18 mm (3/4") 7 or 9-ply, exterior grade, premium plywood. Because of the heating processes used in plywood manufacturing, our product meets or exceeds all import and export bug certification requirements.  Our NAFTA HS Tariff Classification Number for Quick-Crates is 4415-100000.  All of our products comply with ISPM 15 regulations. See our FAQ for detailed export information.


    Financial Reward

    Knocked-down reusable Quick-Crates being loaded for another return cycleIn addition to maximizing warehouse space and labor savings, the Quick-CrateŽ system has a distinct advantage over traditional shipping methods. The reusable Quick-CrateŽ system pays for itself after the second or third return trip. Customers who have 10 trips per year from our reusable system can expect to save 60-80 percent of their annual packaging costs. Customers who have 50 or more trips from a large inventory of boxes can expect six to seven figure savings. This simple system also saves customers thousands of man hours previously spent building and breaking down traditional crates. View our Economic Model to learn more.


    Exxact 51 CNCAll aspects of engineering and manufacturing are done in house so we focus on what we do best - designing packaging solutions that work, building them to the highest possible standard, and selling them at the lowest possible price. We have made hundreds of thousands of boxes for user specific applications. See our standard sized crates page for 1-5 piece pricing and contact us at 800.362.4569 for volume discounts.


    Please contact us today about ordering Quick-Crates for your specific application or fill out our Request a Quote form and we will get pricing to you within 1-2 days.