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Polylaminate Reusable Systems

The Polylaminate Quick-Crate is the newest edition in our Quick-Crate product line.  We are always testing new materials and methods to keep Quick-Crate on the cutting edge of reusable packaging.  With this newest addition to the Quick-Crate family, we have developed a crate that utilizes the simplicity and strength of the Quick-Crate system in tandem with the newest advancements in plastics.  All of the attractive qualities of Quick-Crates, like ease of set-up/collapse, strength & durability, ISPM-15 export compliance and collapsibility to just 9” tall, have not been sacrificed.

The most noticeable upgrade is the new material we use for each panel.  The material consists of plywood with a .125”layer of High Density Polyethylene (HDPE) plastic adhered to each side to make a .75” panel.  This allows those customers who do not wish to ship their product(s) in a plywood crate to essentially ship in a plastic, wipable shipping crate.  Though the edges of the panels show the bare plywood when disassembled, the interior of an assembled crate gives you an all-plastic shipping container. 

The other big change with the Polylaminate Quick-Crate is the addition of Skid-Mates.  Skid-Mates are plastic, donut-shaped pallet cushions bolted beneath the base panel to allow for 4-way pallet entry.  Not only do Skid-Mates provide shock absorption for your products, but they are tough against forklifts, with their round shape allowing forks to deflect off with ease.  Included also are black spacer disks that fit above the Skid-Mate and give an overall of 4” of clearance, plenty of room for a forklift or just about any pallet jack. Polylaminate Quick-Crates can still be constructed with standard pallet blocks if needed.  Skid-Mates are also available on our standard Reusable and One-Way Quick-Crates. 

We are able construct custom sizes with a standard lead time.  Please give us a call today if you have any questions and we'll be happy to help.  Or please fill out our Custom Quote form or Contact Us and we will promptly get back to you.